This page is dedicated to the products or services that have helped me in some way. I 100% support these companies for the reasons indicated. You can email me with any questions as I would be happy to answer them.

Offering tarot readings, automatic writing, chakra balancing, and more.  
Offering shamanistic journey’s, tarot readings, raising your frequencies and aura cleansings.

Clean House Kitty created the cat litter box called Kitty Castaways with ScatterGuard™ Anti-Littering Protection!

I support this product because:

* My cats love it, they would use this box over every other one I had, including the one I preferred them to use the CatGenie.

* I could NEVER smell the box even when it was in the living room.

* Very affordable product.

* No longer needed to clean the urine-soaked box every few months.

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When I felt a lump in my breast, I did not know what I was going to do. I kept hearing spiritually to have it looked at but I did not have insurance and the cost was something that caused me to put it off. I finally went when I saw a grant from the Susan G Komen foundation at Jefferson hospital that I qualified for. Going when I did enable me to be here today. I was diagnosed with Stage zero DCIS breast cancer in Dec 2018 which turned into stage 1 DCIS breast cancer by the end of Jan 2019.

This foundation paid for the following services because I did not have insurance at the time.

* Mammogram in Oct 2018

* High Density Mammogram and ultrasounds in Nov 2018

* Biopsy of the mass in Dec 2018

* Surgeon consult for the cancer in Dec 2018.

I am truly here today because this grant was there for me. At the time I did not know this foundation offered these services.

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I found out about this foundation when I was getting radiation treatments for breast cancer through a wellness day. This is an amazing foundation offering free complementary services for those being treated for breast cancer to help with the physical, emotional and sociological pain.

Through this foundation I have gained counseling services for the loss of my son which I believed caused the cancer.

The potential free services are:

* Counseling

* Massage

* Reiki

* Nutritionist

* Acupuncture

* Fresh local vegetables

* Gym memberships

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Jefferson was the hospital that was working with the Susan G. Komen foundation that diagnosed the breast cancer, did both surgeries (lumpectomy and lymph extraction), radiation treatments and just as importantly their social worker was able to get me approved emergency medical insurance to cover the surgeries, the radiation and the medication. Without this team I would not have been diagnosed and treated until it was too late.

Every staff member was an excellent person to have an experience with and I am eternally grateful.

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(Was aria now Jefferson)