Why are Spiritual Sessions Needed?

In need of some guidance about certain aspects in your life? How to overcome obstacles? Perhaps a love reading, or a past, present, future spread, or just an overall life check up. A house or business that does not sell or succeed? A family afraid of what is happening that they cannot see.

There are a variety of reasons a spiritual session is needed and if you are not sure just message us and we will let you know what you need.

One to Four People Spiritual Session: In-office or Virtually 
The one to four people personal reading is in my office that lasts the time booked. This session starts out with me protecting the space from negative energy, then I use the first ¾ of the time receiving messages from the other side, then the last ¼ of the time is used to provide guidance by answering your questions. The readings must adhere to the time allotted; if you would like additional time a new appointment will need to be scheduled. To ensure your time provides as much guidance as you need please write down the questions you would like answers to prior to your appointment. 
Spiritual therapy is the belief that the spirit is connected to the mind, body, and emotions. When we connect your spiritual side through talking about the issues affecting your life, we can make progress to make changes within your life while finding inner peace, compassion and knowledge. 

This is not religious base unless your divine connection is based upon it. This means everyone can benefit from spiritual therapy because the focus is on clarifying the issues you are experiencing by understanding where the issues are coming from to deepen the connection and strengthen your belief in the changes you are looking to experience. In order to facilitate change our session helps identify: 

* What is ego based versus the Spirit voice. 
* What is holding you back from freedom of choice. 
* What skills you need to detach from self-limiting experiences and thoughts. 
* What skills you need to detach from destructive patterns. 
* This is best for children and adults with night terrors, sleeping issues, bipolar and schizophrenia symptoms.

Note – This is not a part of medical treatment and not a substitute for regular medical care. Anyone suffering from a medical or psychological diagnosis condition that is not treated to seek out a professional licensed professional. This can assist you with all your diagnosis but not replace!
Shadow Hunter's Team: Bonnie, Sue, Frank, Rose, and Courtney.

We Bring Light To The Darkness !

Our ghost hunting team is here for you. 

From creepy feelings to noises at night, we are here to help! 

We remove negative entities and demons; while communicating with the spirits that are there. 

The cost is $500 for the time it takes to address your spiritual concerns. Each situation can be different and time ranges between 2 to 4 hours. If we have to return within a week the return is free. Our team clears and protects your space no matter what it takes. .

Message us with your experiences and we will get back to you. 
Bonnie has the unique ability to remove negative spirits from a person or a location (home or business). 

Negative spirits can become negative due to many reasons but they could interact with humans and/or animals. When a spirit is, negative and interacts with the living they can cause illnesses, depression, hostility, financial issues, homes to not sell, businesses to not lease, and/or property damage. In this session, she will identify the level of negative spirit(s) at the location, why they are negative, who they are and then evict them from the person or location. In the event the entity is extremely strong and requires more mediums to assist with the clearing, then another appointment will need to be scheduled when she can gather resources.

* Note: Homes and business will require a consultation session but the fee for the consult will be deducted from the cost of the in home/business clearing.  No refunds will be provided if consultation occurs and no further session are booked. The final charge for the clearing will be discussed at the consult.  This will be based upon location, amount of time needed and the amount of team members needed.

This type of service is perfect for realtors who cannot sell a house.

Group Spiritual Session:

At your home or in my office.  

A large group spiritual session will last the time booked. Everyone will sit around and I will communicate to your past loved ones. 

* The 3 hour group session is for 5 to 10 people. The price is $400. 

* The 4 hour group session is for 11 to 20 people. The price is $500. 

If this is at my office You can bring snacks and beverages. We do all the set up and clean up. 

What is a group session? The structure of these sessions starts with a short explanation of how the spirits communicate through me and through you. I then start the communication session and provide messages from the spiritual world. I use the last 30 minutes of the session to answer questions for those who did not have a message or if time allows everyone who has a question that was not answered. 

You can book online but if you do not see a day or time that you would like, do not get discourage. Send a message, call or text Bonnie. The availability may not be showing due to timing with other appointments.

Ground rules for a spiritual session:

• I cannot guarantee a specific person during a spiritual session.
• You must be open to hearing from anyone during a spiritual session.
• When I receive a message, it is a not always a two-way conversation.
• I will interpret the messages to the best of my ability.

You are able to record the session so you can review it on your own.