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John F. Barnes Myofascial Release is a gentle hands-on approach that is safe for all ages, even within the womb.  

Children have an easier time with MFR because they are always in the moment, rarely overthinking until life stressors occur or responsibilities usher in.  This allows for fast results than adults.

If your child has any diagnosis including the following then MFR is perfect for them:

* Restrictions - walk funny, can't lay flat, has pain when standing, scoliosis, etc.

* Chronic infections - sinus, ears, eyes, etc.

* Sensory issues - over emotional, can't touch textures, can't walk into a room, can't be alone, etc. (May be spiritual based issues.)

* Physical injuries

* Issues with bowls or urination

* Headaches

* Birth Trauma

* Sport injuries

* And so many more.

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We are all born with the abilities to talk to the spirit world.  When we don't know how to control it for our children or when they are old enough control it themselves things can go terrible wrong.  We specialize in Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Night Terrors, Sleep Apnea, and ADHD. Sometime these diagnoses are caused by spiritual abilities that ever person is born with. Most of us turn them off when we start grad school however many of us do not. This will cause the above diagnoses plus contribute to many other diagnoses including and not limited too imaginary friends, panic disorders, fear of a bedroom, and claustrophobia disorders.   

In a pediatric therapy session I will assess their spiritual communication that may be causing some of the child's issues/diagnoses.  Then provide the parent or child (depending on age) with the tools needed to correct the situation.  Children who are affected spiritually tend to have the following symptoms/diagnoses:

* Night terrors

* Trouble sleeping

* Afraid of the dark or being alone

* Communicating with no one there.

* Imaginary friends

* Emotional Mood Swings (Bipolar)

* Hearing or seeing things "not there" (schizophrenia)

* Changes personality (DID)

* Can't settle down and have an enormous amount of energy (ADHD)

* And many more..

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Specializing in Grief, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Night Terrors, Sleep Apnea, and ADHD.  We have found these diagnoses can be from spiritual abilities especially in children but we also know these can be separate as well as keep your mental health needs strictly mental health based with any other special interventions our facility offers. 

These diagnoses can be challenging for everyone, we at MBSWC mental health services that can be considered holistic that provides help and more individualized attention to the individuals who are having particular difficulty in adjusting to school, the community, and/or placement.

Bonnie is a pending her PA mental health license. She works with individual, families and groups via Virtual/Telehealth.

Bonnie is TF-CBT certified.

A pending licensed therapist means your therapist has a master's degree from a CACREP school, has completed their internship and is working towards the state's required minimum of therapy hours of 3,000 to receive their state license. Your therapist will have a supervisor to review their cases for guidance and intervention when needed. The current supervisor is Amy Mickle, LMHC, LPC. Your pre-licensed therapist cannot take insurance at this time and would be cash pay services. Your pre-licensed therapist cannot complete any documents for state, employment, or health forms.