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I am a * Myofascial Release Therapist * Licensed Massage Therapist * Ordained Minister * Mental Health Therapist (pre-license), * Shaman - Spiritual Healer  


How did I get into my profession?

When my chronic pain was healed with Myofascial Release, I came to the realization I need to use my spiritual and healing abilities to help others by both physically and spiritually. I became a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy School in 2015 and recognized as an Intermediate Myofascial Release Therapist, having trained directly with the founder, John F. Barnes. In 2017 my only child, Morgan died of a heroin overdose after being sober for four months. The pain that this has caused me only motivated me even more to help those with addictions; therefore, I am obtained my master's degree is Mental Health Counseling pending my state license. I am working part-time at a group home for teenage boy's. My goal is to work with children before the addiction starts and treat everyone with all of my services to ensure you heal your mind, your body and your soul.

Why I Became a Shaman – Spiritual Healer:

I have been providing messages from the spiritual side since 2008; I am known for being a gifted spiritual channel and medium, with a wide range of receiving channels and a negative spirit evictor; my offical label is a Shaman.  The channel the spirit(s) will use will depend on the level of energy they have available.  High energy levels will result in seeing their facial details and direct thought dialogue. Low and medium energy levels will result in seeing images, feeling their pains or the pain of the living.  

I am also an experienced trainer in controlling intuitive abilities.  If you have abilities and you ignore them you will experience mysterious and undiagnosed illnesses and night terrors.  These issues occur because the spiritual side sees you as a communicator and will attempt to talk through you.  Their continuous attempt to communicate invades your energy and causes physical reactions that includes; stress, tension, and fatigue.  

The reason I embraced my intuitive abilities:

FEAR!  I purchased my home in 2006 and within a few months the house changed.  I became afraid and my night terrors started to occur again. I lived in fear every day and every night for 2 years.  During this time I was afraid to sleep alone upstairs, I was physically touched, I saw shadows, I heard footsteps and loud clunks, I always felt like I was being watched, and physical objects would disappear and be placed in my extra bedroom (which was a room I refuse to go into).  I lived like this without any realization that there was a solution.  

My life changed in 2008 when a medium came to my home for a group reading.  She explained that I have the gift to communicate with the other side and the spirits gather here because they are waiting to talk through me.  As she spoke these words all of my paranormal experiences made sense and I felt like the weight on my shoulders lessened.  

I would love to say that I immediately took her advice to learn to control my abilities; but I didn’t.  I had doubt that I actually had the gift to communicate.  After a few months had passed the activity progressed and I started to have random medical issues.  I went to various doctors to find the cause of the medical problems but all of the tests were negative or inconclusive; frustrated and not sure what to do my thoughts circled back to the ability that I have been ignoring.  With nothing left to loss I finally contacted the medium and started my journey to control my intuitive gift from God.  

Since embracing my ability I am no longer afraid of anything; I do not suffer from mystery health issues and or night terrors.  I am grateful for this gift and I am at peace and one with the physical and spiritual world.

Why I Became a Massage Therapist Specializing in Myofascial Release:

I had lived with chronic knee pain in both knees since 1991 (I was 16 years old); throughout the years the doctors would take X-Ray’s, MRI’s and scope the knees to see what was going on. In the end, it was always a little arthritis and to take pain meds when you need it. I personally do not like pain meds; I always hated how they made me feel loopy. Over the years I tried cortisone shots, rooster comb injections, and finally had some longer lasting relief with Euflexxa injections but in the end the pain would always come back. In 2008, the orthopedic I was seeing said “you will need to wait until you are 50 or 60 years old and have your knees replace, until then suck it up and take the pain meds”. I was discouraged and had given up on seeing any further doctors for my knee pain; ibuprofen, ice and the sofa were my best friend. In 2012, I woke one day in excruciating ankle pain, I could not put any weight on it so I went to a new orthopedic and he said, “you must have sprained it”; even though I know what I did and didn’t do. He put me in a boot for three months and after that he sent me to physical therapy because the boot did not help. While there I was treated with myofascial release and the therapists never ignored my question… Why did this happened? I didn’t do anything to cause it.

The answer was… It is not your ankle and it is not your knees… It is your low back which has lordosis, your right hip is higher than the other one, your hips are anteriorly rotated, your chest is rotated towards the right and your head is not over your spine. All these pulls creates pulls along the whole body and create pain points. WOW! For the first time, I felt like someone knew what was wrong with me. After some time with MFR treatments and a strong exercise program I now no longer live with chronic pain. I have flare ups but becoming body aware I now know why I have them and self-treat to help the pulls within my fascia system.

Why I Became a Mental Health Therapist:

When Morgan died, I struggled to find the meaning of my life. I cursed the spirit world, angry that my reward for all the work I do to help people was for Morgan to be taken away from. As I sat in my grief, feeling alone due to my unique ability to still see him and talk to him, I realized therapy would not help me. How would a therapist help the person who can still connect to him spiritually? My journal for my mental health degree started out to help those grieving. Shortly after starting my degree, I realized it was deeper than that.

I lucked out during my internship to find a position at a group home for teenagers. Once I was there these were the same types of kids that my son was friends with. Those struggling, those who do not have parents and those just lost. These kids my son befriended, and they called me mom. In a moment I felt like I was home, and I could make a difference in these kids lives.

It was working there I realized I was meant to help kids and those with diagnosis labels that are spiritual abilities.

I have learned through my profession sometimes diagnoses of ADHD, Bipolar, schizophrenia, night terrors, and multiple personality disorder or DID are people with spiritual abilities. I plan to add onto the mental health profession by treating people of all ages with these symptoms and/or diagnosis.

Morgan and Sultan Head to Head
Morgan John
September 26, 1996 ~ April 25, 2017


* PA Licensed Massage Therapist - #MSG009936
*NPI - 1861948648


* Cortiva Institute; a Steiner Education Group - Massage Therapy Diploma; Summa Cum Laude 2015

* Capella University ABET accredited – Summa Cum Laude –Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Project Management – 2013

* Walden University ABET accredited – Maintaining Chi Sigma Lota _ Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Crisis and Trauma – 2018 to current, expected graduation Nov 2020

Additional Schooling

Myofascial Release Seminars – Instructed by John Barnes PT -
• Myofascial Release I Seminar
• Myofascial Patient Self-Healing Seminar
• Myofascial Release II Seminar
• Myofascial Release Unwinding Seminar
• Myofascial Release Fascial Cranial
• Myofascial Release Fascial Pelvis
• Myofascial Release Cranial
• Myofascial Release Quantum Leap
• Myofascial Release Pediatrics
• Myofascial Release Rebounding

American Red Cross - CPR/AED – Adult and CPR/AED – Child and Infant – Active since 2003

Alexis C
I am a 

 * Spiritual Medium 
 * Shaman - Spiritual Healer Student
How did I get into my profession? 

I have been surrounded with the spiritual world my whole life but did not understand how to channel my abilities until I met Bonnie in 2018. Before embracing my abilities, I suffered from depression. I would go weeks on end feeling upset. Little did I know the reason I was feeling this way was because I was being bogged down by so many spirits. Once I met Bonnie I learned how to push the spirits away and embrace my spirituality. Bonnie has taken me under her wing and has taught me how to channel messages from the other side. Like Bonnie, I too am a shaman. When I channel I’m able to hear messages from spirit along with seeing images and symbols. I am grateful for my gifts and since using and embracing my abilities I no longer suffer from depression and entice by spirits. My goal is to help others who need answers to questions they may have while also providing a safe space to help people feel comfortable while embracing their spiritual abilities.