Our Unique Services

We at MBSWC know all these services help our lives by improving one, the others are improved as well.  It is an interchanging circle between all three no matter where the starting point is.

We treat people of all ages! 

The Mind
For the Mind
All Ages - Including Pediatrics
* Mental Health Services for Adults & Pediatrics - COMING SOON
* Past/Current Life Regression Services
* Mindspace Services
* Grief support Group - fREE - every 4th Tuesday of the month.  Sponsored by Morgan's Light.
Ghost Heart - All Fascia
For the Body
* All Ages - including Pediatrics
* John F. Barnes Myofascial Release For Adults & Pediatrics
* Traditional Massage Therapy - COMING SOON
Mind Space
For the Soul
* Spiritual Services - Spiritual Communication, Spiritual Therapy, Negative Spirit Removal, etc.
* Energy Work for Chakra Balancing
* Shadow Hunters Ghost Hunting Team
past life regession
Other Service
* Dual Services
* Classes
* Parties
* Wedding Services
* Rentable Space - Contact us for Availability
* Support Businesses
Morgan's Light Charity

Morgan’s Light is a newly formed charity (501c pending with the IRS) to help those who are suffering from addictions as well as their loved ones who are suffering with them.

Mind Body Soul Wellness Center is currently running it until the 501c is granted.

* 10% of all of MBSWC sales go to Morgan's Light.

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