Virtual House Clearing

60 Minutes for $60.00 - Using your video through your phone we will walk your home so I can see every corner and do a spiritual cleaning. The cleaning will remove negative spirits and allow me to see what else may be going on that is affecting your day to day life. Some people have spirit pathways, vortexes, and elementals in their home that can cause a variety of situations. I will tell you want you may need to do for your unique situations.

Virtual Spiritual Phone or Spiritual Couseling Session

The phone readings will follow the same structure as if you were in my office.

Current prices of a phone session:

* 30 minutes - $30.00

* 60 minutes - $60.00

* 90 minutes - $90.00

Virtual Email Readings

Current prices of an email session:

*If you want to ask a question the cost is $5.00; if you ask any additional questions after the first question it will be $5.00 per question

* If you want to just see what they have to say it is $15.00; if you have additional questions after the first email it will be $5.00 per question.


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