Victoria's Story

My Journey...

How did I get into my profession?

I started on my Shamanic Healing Journey, unknowingly as a child, and am receiving guidance from Bonnie who has encouraged me to accept and continue to develop my abilities and spread healing. My goal on this Journey is to play an integral part in integrating and normalizing energy healing and promoting spiritual health within modern medicine.

I have always been connected to the spirit world, but it took me most of my life to discover that I was connected for a reason. I suffered traumatic nightmares and depression for most of my childhood and teenage years. Despite the torment and isolation that I endured, I refused to accept the idea that the answer to my prayers was a medication that I would be required to take for the rest of my life. Instead, I turned to energy work, meditation, strengthening my psychic abilities, and I developed an incredibly strong relationship with God. Immediately I started to receive signs that I was being led by spirit. The night terrors went away and the energy that surrounded me became very protective and positive. I realized through this spiritual transition that what was missing from my health crisis care as a child was the fact that we are all mind, body AND soul and that all three factors must be equally cared for. I enrolled in Nursing School to get involved with the medical side of this holistic journey and to better understand the human body and mind while planning to find ways to integrate the spiritual healing aspect that has been missing from modern medicine.

I believe that absolutely everything is energy. We are energetic bodies of light influenced by our physical, emotional, and spiritual environment as well as karma from our current and past lives. We are constantly in search of energy that will complement or charge our own, and in the process of this search we often end up attracting negative energies that drain us leading to depression, anxiety, identity crisis, etc. We are born with every tool that we will ever need to heal, grow and remain whole and it is my goal to help you discover those hidden tools within yourself.

Chakra Balancing/Energy Healing: I will use strong healing energy to balance the seven chakras allowing an even flow of energy throughout the body. During this session I will assess and balance your energetic field and remove any negative attachments using energy and crystals intuitively. At the end of the session, I will provide you with self-healing homework if necessary.

Intuitive Tarot Readings: I will use tarot cards and psychic channeling to answer the questions you seek on your life journey in order to guide you through healing from the past, accepting the present and preparing for the future.

I am a

* Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

* Spiritual Medium

* Energy Healer

* Shaman - Spiritual Healer Student