Spiritual Services

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One to Four People Spiritual Session

The one to four people personal reading is in my office that lasts the time booked. This session starts out with me protecting the space from negative energy, then I use the first ¾ of the time receiving messages from the other side, then the last ¼ of the time is used to provide guidance by answering your questions. The readings must adhere to the time allotted; if you would like additional time a new appointment will need to be scheduled. To ensure your time provides as much guidance as you need please write down the questions you would like answers to prior to your appointment.

Current prices of a one on one session:

* 30 minutes - $30.00

* 60 minutes - $60.00

* 90 minutes - $90.0

Phone or Email Readings

The phone readings will follow the same structure as if you were in my office.

Current prices of a phone session:

* 30 minutes - $30.00

* 60 minutes - $60.00

* 90 minutes - $90.00

Current prices of an email session:

*If you want to ask a question the cost is $5.00; if you ask any additional questions after the first question it will be $5.00 per question

* If you want to just see what they have to say it is $15.00; if you have additional questions after the first email it will be $5.00 per question.

Group Spiritual Session

A group session is at your location so you can relax and fully partake in the session. The structure of these sessions starts with a short explanation of how the spirits communicate through me and through you. I then start the communication session and provide messages from the spiritual world. I use the last 30 minutes of the session to answer questions for those who did not have a message or if time allows everyone who has a question that was not answered.

Ground rules for a session:

• I cannot guarantee a specific person during a spiritual session.

• You must be open to hearing from anyone during a spiritual session.

• When I receive a message, it is a not always a two way conversation.

• I will interpret the messages to the best of my ability.

Current prices of group spiritual sessions:

• Group of 5 to 10 people with a session length is 3 hours is $300.00

• Group of 10 to 20 people with a session length is 4 hours is $500.00

To book this session you will need to call or text Bonnie for days and times.

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Past Lives

In this session you will be provided information regarding some of your past lives.

Why is this important to know?

Past lives affect us in the current life, with fears, anxiety, a sense of longing, a sense of missing something, or a driven passion.

Knowing what some of your past lives were will help you move forward in a positive way in this life.

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Negative Spirit(s) Expulsion

Bonnie has the unique ability to remove negative spirits from a person or a location (home or business). Negative spirits can become negative due to many reasons but they could interact with humans and/or animals. When a spirit is, negative and interacts with the living they can cause illnesses, depression, hostility, financial issues, homes to not sell, businesses to not lease, and/or property damage. In this session, she will identify the level of negative spirit(s) at the location, why they are negative, who they are and then evict them from the person or location. In the event the entity is extremely strong and requires more mediums to assist with the clearing, then another appointment will need to be scheduled when she can gather resources.

Current prices of a home or business clearing:

* $150.00 for the clearing; session length is 2 hours.

To book this session you will need to call or Text Bonnie for days and times.

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Intuitive Growth Program

This program is a training program for those seeking to expand their intuitive awareness. How do you know if you have the ability?

• Do you get thoughts in your head that come true?

• Do you have mystery illnesses that are undiagnosed and come and go

• Do you have night terrors?

• Do you have extreme energy drain?

If you said yes to any or all of these questions you have an intuitive ability.

You will be required to purchase your own set of tarot cards before the session starts. Tarot cards are a visual tool that the spiritual world uses to form images within the cards. They are the easiest tool to get you out of your physical mind and into your intuitive mind. Since these cards are used for images understanding what the card means is not necessary and I highly suggest you discard the instruction book.

Current prices of the intuitive guidance at my office:

* 15 minutes - $15.00

* 30 minutes - $30.00

* 60 minutes - $60.00

* 90 minutes - $90.00

Note: I do have beginners classes in a group session; text or call Bonnie to get on the list for the group training.

Guided Meditation

Have you ever felt like you just cannot get to your deeper self during meditation? Have you ever wanted to get in touch with your own emotions about a person or subject to accept them for what it is or to let it go? Guided meditation will help you with this. We will meditate together and as we do a trained therapist will guide you down a path your heart and soul need to experience to embrace it.

Current prices of a guided meditation session:

* 15 minutes - $15.00

* 30 minutes - $30.00

* 60 minutes - $60.00

* 90 minutes - $90.00