Spiritual Therapy

Spiritual therapy is the belief that the spirit is connected to the mind, body, and emotions. When we connect your spiritual side through talking about the issues affecting your life, we can make progress to make changes within your life while finding inner peace, compassion and knowledge.

This is not religious base unless your divine connection is based upon it. This means everyone can benefit from spiritual counseling because the focus is on clarifying the issues you are experiencing by understanding where the issues are coming from to deepen the connection and strengthen your belief in the changes you are looking to experience.

In order to facilitate change our session helps identify:

· What is ego based versus the Spirit voice.

· What is holding you back from freedom of choice.

· What skills you need to detach from self-limiting experiences and thoughts.

· What skills you need to detach from destructive patterns.

You are able to record the session so you can review it on your own.

Note – This is not a part of medical treatment and not a substitute for regular medical care. Anyone suffering from a medical or psychological diagnosis condition that is not treated to seek out a professional licensed professional. This can assist you with all your diagnosis but not replace!