Shadow Hunters

We Bring Light To The Darkness

Our ghost hunting team is here for you.

From creepy feelings to noises at night, we are here to help! We have removed negative entities, demons, while communicating with the spirits that are there.

The cost is $500 for the time it takes to address your spiritual concerns. Each situation can be different and time ranges between 2 to 4 hours. If we have to return within a week the return is free. Our team clears and protects your space no matter what it takes. See Mind Body Souls Testimonies page for real life assistance.

Message us with your experences and we will get back to you.




Bonnie does it all. She communicates with and heals our spiritual world, our Earth, our animals as well as beings from other dimensions. She removes all types of negative entities including demons as well as other dimensional beings from people, animals and places. She eliminates or corrects Vortex’s and spiritual pathways. When it comes to dealing with the unknown world she has done it all.


Multi Dimension Medium

Sue speaks to not only our spirit world but also see’s beings from other dimensions. She eliminates or corrects vortex’s and has dealt with various negative energies to remove them from people and places.


Negative Energy Sensitive

Frank specializes in being a Spiritual Warrior “the muscle” if the group. He uses his energy sensitivity to detect threats and stop spiritual attacks while the group are doing their part within the cleansing process.


Energy Sensitive & Medium

Courtney specializes in the unique ability to remove energy blocks while establishing positive energy grids. This enables her to remove negative energy holds within the property or attached to people.


Energy Sensitive

Rose specializes in religion, Reiki and holistic healing. She uses these aspects to heal people and their property with energy, crystals, herbs, prayers and essential oils.