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Science and Spirit Integrated!

Dual Services!

Multiple Practitioner's!

We offer affordable holistic treatment for emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

At MBSWC we believe everything is connected and everything affects everything else… The Mind, The Body and The Soul. I am sure you have experienced physical pain that caused emotional pain and vice versa. No matter where you start and which path you take, they all influence each. It is one of the reasons we never completely heal from a trauma, surgery, a car accident, or the loss of a loved one.

Each service below helps the mind, the body and the soul even when just doing one type of service but you can combine mutliple services together. Just add the extra service when booking.


Dual Services:

  • Myofascial Release with Bonnie while Victoria aligns your Chakra’s and balances your energy fields.
  • Myofascial Release with Bonnie while Desiree performs Reiki and provides Spiritual Messages.
  • Myofascial Release with Bonnie and Shamanistic Clarity for a problem/concern you need clarity on with Caroline.
  • The Big 4! Within an hour session all 4 practitioners will provide their unique services. Within a 60-minute session…. Bonnie will provide Myofascial Release for the entire 60 minutes. During the first 15 minutes Victoria will balance your Chakra’s and your energy field. During the middle 30 minutes a Reiki practitioner will provide Reiki and Spiritual messages. During the last 15 minutes Caroline will provide an Aura cleansing.

* Note: subject to availability and practitioners.

Physical Body Services:

  • John F Barnes Myofascial Release - A gentle hands on technique that reduces/eliminates pain. You can become pain free!
  • Dual Services – JFB Myofascial Release and MindSpace Session - Bonnie combines JFB Myofascial Release and what she calls Mindspace during the session to deepen your healing. By treating your physical restrictions while guiding you within your Mindspace to access how your physical body, emotional essence, and mind are affecting your healing and/or stress levels
  • Dual Services – JFB Myofascial Release and Spiritual Therapy Session - Bonnie combines JFB Myofascial Release and Spiritual Guidance during the session to deepen your healing. By treating your physical restrictions while connecting to your spirit guides to offer direction and guidance to help enhance your healing and/or stress levels.
  • Pediatric Services - Your child lives in a world that they need extra help with. It may be pain or spiritual communication or both… we can help.
  • Animal Services - Animals respond very well to myofascial, massage and energy work.

Soul Services:

  • Spiritual Services - Various in-person and virtural services for spiritual communication for individuals, pets, groups and house clearings.
  • Chakra Balancing - This session is to balance the seven chakras within the body to create balance for your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Shadow Hunters - We Bring Light To The Darkness... Our ghost hunting team is here for you. From creepy feelings to noises at night, we are here to help!
  • Tarot Readings - In need of some guidance about certain aspects in your life? How to overcome obstacles? Perhaps a love reading, or a past, present, future spread, or just an overall life check up.
  • Dual Services - Tarot Reading and Chakra Balance/Energy Work - Victoria combines reading your cards and balancing your chakra's in one session.

Mind Services:

  • Spiritual Therapy - This session is to discuss spiritually what you want to talk about, to find answers through your spirit guides.
  • Mind Space - Mind space is a service Bonnie uses to guide you to find the answers you are looking for. This can include areas of concern, addiction, fears, anxieties, etc.
  • Mental Health Therapy - Comming Soon

Other Services:

  • Morgan's Light Charity - Coming Soon
  • Energy Infused Stained Glass by Bonnie - Bonnie is a "Jane of a lot of trades". She creates beautiful custom-made stained-glass artwork that she infuses wtih energy. No job is too big or too small.
  • Classes - We offer classes on: Growing your Spiritual Abilites, Learn Energy Work, Self-treatment for pain, Lectures, Others.
  • Student Services - Bonnie's students that are offering discounted services.
  • Wedding Services - Weddings / Ring Ceremony, Vow Renewals and Memorial Services.
  • Private Parties - Getting together can be a lot of fun! These services are group spirital sessions and MFR treatments, either at your location or my office.
  • Rooms for Rent - Looking for an affordable room to rent for a day, week, month? Or a group space to hold a demonstration or meeting?
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Afflitated Services

Flow of Healing, through Energy

All discounts, services, prices and appointments are not interchangeable between Mind Body Soul Wellness Center and Flow of Healing, through Energy. Flow of healing shares office space in MBSWC, we both look forward to meeting you.

  • Shamanic Journey's - Journeying is a technique used to evoke powerful messages and guidance from your guides, by listening to certain drum beats which trigger a trance like state.
  • Tarot Readings - I will read your cards and tell you what I am feeling and seeing in order for you to obtain a direction on any topic.
  • Raising Your Frequency - We will go through at least three topics and perform the exercises related to these topics that will help you on your spiritual journey.
  • Aura Cleansing - Consists of an external and/or internal negative energy clearing, combined with meditation in order for your aura to be strong, bright, and protected once again.
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