Desiree's Story

How did I get into my profession?

I started on my spiritual path in 2012 by doing daily meditations for anxiety and depression.  I hated taking medication and was looking for a more natural approach.  I wanted to be prescription free.  It was suggested to me by one of my mentors to take a reiki course to heal myself. I had never heard of reiki, but was willing to try anything!  After completing my courses, i knew this was where I wanted and needed to be!  

After all, I wanted to be a social worker in high school so this was right up my alley!  I started practicing right away.  I found that during my sessions,  I would see  and hear messages.  Not understanding how this was happening or what it was, I decided to ask if the messages resonated. When it was  confirmed, I knew I was on to something bigger than myself!   This is my path!  I had always been interested in astrology and the super natural but never knew I’d be able to see and hear spirit.  I may have had a few spiritual experiences during the course of my life, but this was absolute confirmation!  

I went on to enroll in classes with Matthew Stapley, a Canadian psychic/medium to develop my skills.  During that time, I grew as an intuitive, spiritual healer who was developing all the “clairs”.  

I have educated myself by attending various spiritual classes and meditations.  To which have helped me grow into the intuitive I am today!  

My practice has grown so much and am thankful to everyone who has believed in me!  It’s been a long tough journey but worth it every minute.  No one said that Spiritual healing was easy.  It’s extremely painful but if you commit, you will come out living your best life.  

While practicing reiki, I love guiding my clients spiritually and providing them the tools they need to heal.   I enjoy delivering messages and images of loved ones who have passed.  Every session is different and that’s what I love the most.  You never know what to expect!

Reiki to me is love!  Being a Valentine’s baby, I love love!  If you do everything with the intention of love, you will find true happiness in yourself.

My ultimate goal is to help others, one person at a time!

I love the relationships that I have formed during this time.  My tribe knows who they are and am so blessed to have them in my life.  However, my biggest supporter is my daughter, Annaliese.  She is always pushing me to reach my goals!  And, I hope that you are lucky enough to meet my assistant, Rocky the Reiki dog!  He is the most loving, caring and spiritually connected dog there is.  

I look forward to learning, growing and laughing with you, Bonnie and the staff at Mind Body Soul!

Peace, Love & Blessings




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I am a

* Reiki Practitioner

* Spiritual Medium

* Shaman - Spiritual Healer Student