The classes we have:

* Guided Meditation

* Intuitive Growth Program

* How to white light

* Myofascial Self-treatment

If you do not see a class schedule email us and we will get one together.

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2nd Annual Spiritual and Wellbeing Expo

February 9, 2019

4PM to 8PM
Newportville Fire Company

2425 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19056

Mind Body Soul Wellness Center is holding their 2nd Annual Spiritual and Wellbeing Expo! Bonnie will be performing a group spiritual session to connect with your loved ones and spirit guides for a personal message from 6:30 to 7:30. Group sessions seems terrifying however Bonnie knows when to hold back sensitive information to proved to you in private. We will also have Rose with Ros’essenza, All Things Magical offering Reiki* to help assist in energy or physical healing, and Marilyn and Hugh who uses Jochari Astrology* to tell you what your power color is. Bringing these talented people together in this expo is a new holistic way to ease your pain, tension, stress and anxiety by addressing the mind, body and the soul.

We will also have vendor’s selling everyday products, free raffles just for coming, refreshments and light snacks.

For Tickets:

Why is this expo for you? We all need less pain, tension, stress and anxiety in our lives, our event will help you with that. Our special guests’ value of service for the cost of the expo is a phenomenal savings: Tickets to the expo is Christmas Special$40 until 12/31/18, $50 in advance purchase from 1/1/19 to 2/8/19 or $75 at the door, compared to a combined cost if you were to seek these services out of $300 to $500 for the spiritual group session, $10 for a myofascial release session, and $40 for the Reiki session, and $37 for your power color…. Savings of $337 to $537. We have the talent, we have savings, we have vendors, we have refreshments, we have raffles… Buy your ticket today and enjoy a day out of relaxing fun and holistic healing!

Why is spiritual communication so important? Spiritual communication is often viewed as just hearing a message from a loved one that we either want to hear or don’t want to hear; but there is so much more. When we hear a message from our loved one or our spirit guides we are able to:

· Feel peace knowing they are still with us

· Find answers to things that have caused us emotional and physical pain, so we can move forward in a healthier new direction

· Get guidance on your current and future life situations

· Reduce the stress and anxiety the loss has created

· In a group session I bounce around a lot so everyone either gets a message or has a question answered if you did not get a message.

Why is Reiki so important? Reiki is healing a persons’ emotional or physical state through channeling of positive energy and removing negative energy within the body. When we receive Reiki we:

· Feel a balance within the body

· Increase mental clarity

· Reduce physical and emotional pain

· Reduce stress and anxiety

Why is a knowing your power color so important? Jochari Astrology assists you in various ways; one such way is what color aligns with your birth map. When we know our power color we:

· Increase your energy

· Increase mental clarity

· Increase confidence

· Decrease wasted energy


· Bonnie – Medium/Healer/Myofascial Release Therapist – Owner of Mind Body Soul Wellness Center,

· Rose – Reiki Practitioner – Owner of Ros’essenza -

· Marilyn and Hugh – Jochari Astrology –


· DoTerra Essential Oils

· Tupperware

· LuLaRoe

· ThirtyOne

· Damsel in Defense

· Kitty Castaways Disposable Cat Boxes

· Plus many more

* Myofascial Release, Reiki and Jochari Astrology is subject to availability with first come first serve in the allotted time.