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We love our animals and they need healing too...

PAIN FREE For Pets... Is it possible?

Just as the human body has the tools to heal itself; so do animals.  Most of the time, due to the accumulated as well as day to day traumas within the body, it needs assistance in the healing process.  My specialty of using hands-on approaches for the human body can also be tailored to animals; our pet's respond extremely well to holistic manual therapy.   Their appointment would consist of myofascial release, or massage, or energy/chakra balancing and the treatment is determined by evaluating their history and then evaluating their energy and physical state.  Each appointment lasts 30 minutes because I have found this is a good balance of time for them.

Why does the same treatment for humans work on animals?

They have the same structures as we do and their restrictions that contribute to physical pain are also within the fascial system (pictured below and to the left) which is a “web” of elastin and collagen that floats in a gelatinous ground substance that creates the connective tissue that lies under your skin; surrounding, protecting and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ; down to the very cells themselves.  To learn more about fascia see our myofascial release page or select the button on the right.

How do I Know it Works?

My Anatolian Shepard from Afghanistan (pictured above during a neck treatment in 2016) is a big boy; weighing 140 pounds, 3.5 feet in height and 5 feet long and born in 2010. Now that he is in his senior years he has developed a sagging back which has brought him some pain.  He also had lifesaving surgery when he was almost a year old due to an intra-hepatic shunt; which caused all the dirty blood in his body to dump back into his system and was slowly poisoning him; causing behavior issues and being lethargic.  The surgery he needed was experimental and the only doctor who would try the surgery was in New York City. In order to perform the surgery they went through his jugular vein in his neck, into his heart and into his liver to fix the problem.  The surgery was a success but the restrictions in his neck from the scar tissue pulls into his head would at times cause him to act strange; now as a senior the added spine pain has caused him to become aggressive to the other dogs.  I started to treatment him with another skilled therapist once a week for almost 2 months and the results were amazing.  His sagging spine has improved dramatically and as I continue to treat him on a weekly basis I see him thinking; truly processing his surroundings for the first time in his life.  He seeks out treatments the moment I kneel to the floor (even though I may only be cleaning or petting the other dogs).  

 The cost may increase based upon the travel time and for days and times please call, email or text for days and times to schedule this type of appointment. Virtual consults are available and may be able to completed viritually.

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