Alexis's Story

How did I get into my profession?

I have been surrounded with the spiritual world my whole life but did not understand how to channel my abilities until I met Bonnie in 2018. Before embracing my abilities, I suffered from depression. I would go weeks on end feeling upset. Little did I know the reason I was feeling this way was because I was being bogged down by so many spirits. Once I met Bonnie I learned how to push the spirits away and embrace my spirituality. Bonnie has taken me under her wing and has taught me how to channel messages from the other side. Like Bonnie, I too am a shaman. When I channel I’m able to hear messages from spirit along with seeing images and symbols. I am grateful for my gifts and since using and embracing my abilities I no longer suffer from depression and entice by spirits. My goal is to help others who need answers to questions they may have while also providing a safe space to help people feel comfortable while embracing their spiritual abilities.

I am a

* Spiritual Medium

* Shaman - Spiritual Healer Student

Schedule by texting or calling: 609-707-5799