Addiction Recovery Services

How do you get help for the stress and weight on your emotions, your physical pain, your anxiety, to stop your addiction or to help someone who has an addiction in a society where help is not affordable or works with your schedule?

Bonnie knows this all too well after losing her only child to Heroin on April 25, 2017. She financially tried to help, but services were all too often too expensive and insurance was no help.

She not only had to stress about the financial obligation, when he was alive, but then she had to deal with losing Morgan and how that has affected her physically, mentally and emotionally.

We know how hard this is to suffer alongside of our loved one and we see the pain the addict is going through. We are passionate about helping people become pain free regardless of where or why the person is being affected by pain. In honor of Bonnie’s son, we have developed these programs to provide you with free options for a healthy, happy, and potentially pain free life.

For the person with the addiction

We are offering 2 people per month 8 hour long sessions for FREE; in these session you will recieve services to address the physical pain during your healing process using various body work such as myofascial release, massage or energy work. These therapies will provide you will a better sense of wellbeing to move forward with the outside services you are currently using.

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Live Seminar

We offer a seminar to come into your location to talk about Morgan and I’s Story in an effort to help those who are struggling to get help and deter those who have not tried drugs.

His story is similar to so many other people but the trauma sustained by your loved ones is not understood and that’s where I want to bridge the gap so our children can understand us better. In the hour-long seminar, I would discuss the following topics:

· Introduce myself including what I do for a living and why I am there.

· Perform a solar plexus breathing technique and the here and now technique to engage the audience and get everyone to relax (these techniques will help them with stress and anxiety).

· Tell them Morgan’s story; who he was, why he started using marijuana, then heroin. How hard the kids have it today; harder than when I was a teenager.

· Tell them how his death affected me:

o Missing his smile, his hug, hearing MAAAAA when he wanted something

o Knowing there were things I could have done differently

· Wrap up:

o How they can avoid using drugs or get help

o Know they are not alone and all they need is that one person who they can call no matter what time to get help.

o Acknowledging what you are feeling about yourself or others is real and then let out those emotions.

The cost:

· Schools/group homes/juvenile facilities – Free (donations for services will go towards the charity to help others with financial help for treatment)

· All other corporations/organizations - $500.00

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Morgan John Bazik Charity

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