* Myofascial Release Therapist

* Licensed Massage Therapist

* Spiritual Medium

* Mental Health Therapist

* Shaman - Spiritual Healer

267-332-6605 (textable)

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* Book by texting or calling 609-707-5799 *

* Spiritual medium *

* Shaman - Spiritual Healer Student *

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* Shamanic Practitioner

* Spiritual Medium

* Energy Healer

267-332-5075 (textable)

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To schedule a Tarot Reading with Caroline at MBSWC use the below link,

To schedule all other services with Caroline use the below link.

Note: All discounts offered through MBSWC are not transferable to Flow of Helaing, through Energy services.

Flow of Healing - Schedule Appointment


* Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

* Spiritual Medium

* Energy Healer

* Shaman - Spiritual Healer Student

267-456-9376 (Textable)

Instagram: @sagethewholeplace

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